Fred Girod is a Voice for


Fred believes agriculture is the foundation of his district’s economy and will work to provide a level playing field for our farmers. Fred will work to sustain the will of the voters and protect private property rights.

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Fred Girod is a Champion For


No one understands better than Fred how hard the decline of the timber industry has hit our local economy. Fred wants to clear the barriers to responsible cutting of timber and recognize the value our timber industry brings in terms of jobs, investment, and environmental stewardship.

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Fred Girod is a Leader on

Public Safety

Fred will work hard to protect families from the scourge of meth in our communities. Fred will protect the voter-approved mandatory minimum sentences that put violent offenders behind bars. He will also fight for additional funding to boost the number of Oregon State Police Troopers we have on the roads.


Fred Girod Has a vision for our


We need experienced leadership in Salem – Fred has served in the Oregon Legislature as well as the Stayton City Council and the Stayton Budget Committee. Fred has also served on the Santiam Hospital Board and the Foundation of the Santiam Watershed.

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