Elect Girod to Senate District 9 seat

October 10, 2008

Statesman Journal

Oregon Senate District 9 candidates: Fred Girod-R, Bob McDonald-D

Our recommendation: Elect appointed Sen. Fred Girod to a full four-year term

Key reasons: Fred Girod's fiscal and social conservatism is in line with this district of small towns, small businesses and a natural-resource-based economy.

Instead of isolating himself in the Democratic-controlled Legislature, Girod has developed working relationships across partisan and geographic lines. He has earned respect among people with whom he sometimes disagrees philosophically, including the Statesman Journal Editorial Board, and is an articulate voice for rural interests.

He advocates for timber and other natural-resource issues, as well as tort reform in health care.

His opponent, McDonald, pushes for greater state investment in drug-addiction treatment. He's right about that need. He also has good ideas for improving health care but is less knowledgeable on other state issues.

Candidates' background and civic involvement: Both candidates have a passion for health care, reflecting their professions. Girod of Lyons is a dentist, as well as a real estate developer. McDonald of Silverton is a retired physician.

McDonald has extensive community involvement in Silverton and Mount Angel, including being president of the Mount Angel Community Foundation and serving on the Silverton Hospital Ethics Committee. This is his first candidacy for public office.

Campaign contacts:

Girod: votegirod@aol.com, www.fredgirod.com

McDonald: docmcd123@gmail.com, drbobfororegon.com

Geography: The district covers parts of Marion, Linn and Clackamas counties. It includes 17 small cities, from Lebanon to Waterloo, on the east side of the Willamette Valley and the western Cascades foothills.

Read their questionnaire answers: StatesmanJournal.com/electionsqa

The Statesman Journal Editorial Board makes its recommendations based on interviews with the candidates, their questionnaires and other information.


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